Dive Stats

Location: Blue Springs
Depth: 54ft
Bottom Time: 31 mins
Gas: EAN 32%
Temperature: 73°


  • 15ft for 3 mins for safety stop


  • Mike Heijmans
  • Eesa Heijmans


We had to earn this one. The close parking lot was closed for renovations. So we had to hike all the gear to the site. It was a 10-15 minute walk. Then we had to swim against the current to get to the hole. The flow was intense, but once we got down to 50 feet, it was managable with the ledges blocking. Practiced bouyancy and kicks. I’m out of practice. On the ascent we saw some fish.

I was wearing 18 pounds with a 3mm wetsuit -> too much weight.

This was the first dive with the Shearwater Perdix. It’s quite cool to see the post-dive analysis.