Dive Stats

Location: Paradise Springs
Depth: 84ft
Bottom Time: 19 mins
Gas: EAN 32%
Visibility: 15
Temperature: 72°


  • 15ft for 3 mins for safety stop


  • Mike Heijmans
  • Eesa Heijmans


The instructor required Eesa to swap tanks because her pressure was too low. She had the same amount of air by volume as everyone else, because we dive LP85’s, but I don’t think he understood how low pressure tanks work… I ran up and grabbed her another tank and swapped it for her.

The second dive was less nuts, but it was still full of divers that shouldn’t have been in that class. After this dive, I felt wet in my drysuit so I decided to sit out the third dive of her class and play tank sherpa instead.

Eesa completed her deep class! Woohoo!