Dive Stats

Location: Blue Grotto
Depth: 39ft
Bottom Time: 34 mins
Gas: EAN 32%
Visibility: 30
Temperature: 72°


  • 20ft for 3 mins for safety stop
  • 15ft for 1 mins for buoyancy practice
  • 10ft for 1 mins for buoyancy practice
  • 5ft for 3 mins for buoyancy practice


  • Mike Heijmans
  • Eesa Heijmans
  • Tracy Grubbs


Eesa’s drysuit checkout dive number 1.

I was along to observe, but at one point I was used to demo a flooded drysuit recovery. Basically Eesa rode me like a dolphin.

Lisa rocked at her buoyancy on this dive and she was able to hold at 5ft without a single issue! Way too go!