• Cavern Training - Dive 2
    First time in an overhead environment! We went all the way back to the sign. I ran the reel. The flow was intense! One of the students in the class lost it when she hit the ceiling and was done with the class after that....
  • Cavern Training - Dive 1
    Ran drills in open water. Included tie off of reel, following the line in 0 vis, and frog kicking with buoyancy tuning of the class.
  • A Fun Trip to Devil's Den - Dive 2
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  • A Fun Trip to Devil's Den - Dive 1
    This spot is absolutely beautiful! On of my top recommended for open water diving. I got this picture just after coming up the stairs:
  • Another Deep Dive in Hudson Grotto
    The VW bus and boat filled with silt was pretty cool. I would only dive the grotto for deep stuff from now on. I took a picture of the buda, I hope it comes out.
  • Back to Ginnie Springs
    Beautiful, as always. The cavern was much larger than I had originally expected. The cave had a huge outflow from the grate, as expected, and I could see how the cave system would be considered extremely dangerous. This dive has made me come to realize...
  • Nitrox Certification - Dive 2
    Enriched Air Dive #2
  • Nitrox Certification - Dive 1
    Enriched Air Dive #1
  • Diving in the Bahamas!
    The dive was cool, but I was looking forward to diving a wreck :( … I will next time though. The water was not cold at all! I was hot in my 3mm wetsuit. 6lbs was good enough for the dive. There were a lot...
  • A Deep Dive in Hudson Grotto
    The coldest temp = 64° It was cold! It was about 70° on the surface and hit 64° at 50 ft. It stayed 64° until 85ft when I hit the halocline. The salt water was 74°. Also, the halocline was very spread out and wavy....

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