• Diving Near Monterey Aquarium - Dive 1
    This dive was outside the monterey bay aquarium. It was Lisa’s first real open water dive and she says she had fun. I shot some photos with my camera and I hope they come out. There wasn’t a lot of fish but the sea stars...
  • Diving Point Lobos - Middle Reef
    This dive was headed out on scooters. I held on to Mike’s leg and we were out at the sand in no time. We droped down and did a nice dive. I did this dive sans camera because it was giving me trouble. I turned...
  • Diving Point Lobos - Hole in the Wall
    This was a shore dive out of point lobos state park. The surface swim was grueling. Once we got out we dropped down and started the dive. I took some photos and saw a lot of star fish. After I hit 1000psi I called and...
  • Getting my Drysuit Cert Dive 2
    This was the second drysuit cert dive. This was done at monolobo in Carmel, CA with Raj on the Silver Prince dive boat. This dive had less viz then the last but was much better. There was a lot of interesting terrain to explore. I...
  • Getting my Drysuit Cert in Carmel California
    Did this dive at Honeymoon in Carmel, CA with Raj on the Silver Prince dive boat. This was the first drysuit dive. It was fun, the water temp was 45 and I didn’t notice. I saw some huge nudibranche, a school of blue rockfish, and...
  • Cavern Training - Dive 3
    Final dive of the certification. We moved over to Peacock I to expierence a lower flow cavern and run some 0 visibility drills out of a real overhead environment. I wanted to penetrate the cave so bad!
  • Cavern Training - Dive 2
    First time in an overhead environment! We went all the way back to the sign. I ran the reel. The flow was intense! One of the students in the class lost it when she hit the ceiling and was done with the class after that....
  • Cavern Training - Dive 1
    Ran drills in open water. Included tie off of reel, following the line in 0 vis, and frog kicking with buoyancy tuning of the class.
  • A Fun Trip to Devil's Den - Dive 2
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  • A Fun Trip to Devil's Den - Dive 1
    This spot is absolutely beautiful! On of my top recommended for open water diving. I got this picture just after coming up the stairs:

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