Dive Stats

Location: Honeymoon
Depth: 90ft
Bottom Time: 22 mins
Gas: air
Visibility: 30
Temperature: 45°


  • 15ft for 3 mins for safety stop


  • Mike Heijmans
  • Raj Maniar


Did this dive at Honeymoon in Carmel, CA with Raj on the Silver Prince dive boat. This was the first drysuit dive. It was fun, the water temp was 45 and I didn’t notice. I saw some huge nudibranche, a school of blue rockfish, and some other random rockfish. Raj didn’t seem too concerned with doing drills and we just had a nice dive. Raj said my skills are really good and that made me happy. Pretty good for not diving in 4 yewars! All and all it was good and fun plus warm.

Weight: 20lbs Rented fusion sport w/MKII undergarment.