Dive Stats

Location: Mono Lobo
Depth: 83ft
Bottom Time: 27 mins
Gas: air
Visibility: 20
Temperature: 47°


  • 15ft for 3 mins for safety stop


  • Mike Heijmans
  • Raj Maniar


This was the second drysuit cert dive. This was done at monolobo in Carmel, CA with Raj on the Silver Prince dive boat. This dive had less viz then the last but was much better. There was a lot of interesting terrain to explore. I saw a large harbor seal leisurely swimming. The kelp was fun to swim around and overall it was a pretty dive. I saw a large rock fish that I almost didn’t see until it moved. I was really in the zone on this dive and everything just felt “right”. Raj messed up his bearing and we had to do a 200 yard surface swim.

Weight: 20lbs Rented fusion sport w/MKII undergarment.